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Did you know your pet also needs Omega-3?


Our Quality Promise

increased energy with salmon pet oil

Increased energy

healthy hearth with arctic salmon oil

Healthy heart

shiny coat with arctic salmon oil

Shiny coat

increased appetite with arctic salmon oil

Increase appetite

soft paws with arctic salmon oil

Soft paws

no GMO or additives

No GMO or additives

 Salmon Pet Oil from Atlantic Delights

A family friend

The founders and employees at Atlantic delights are passionate and dedicated pet lovers. We understand the love, care and attention it requires to keep our beloved pets in good health. Whether they are big or small, need attention, or want to be left alone, they all have great personalities, adding joy to all of our lives. A true member of the family that deserves nothing but the best quality nutrition and supplements.


Optimized for pet health            

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for your pet’s health. Our beloved dogs and cats are not able to produce Omega-3 and therefore need if from other sources. Arctic Salmon Oil PET supplements your pet’s diet and will keep them strong and healthy.

Pump Arctic Salmon Oil Pet on your pet’s dry or wet food. Our 300ml bottle has a precision pump, convenient and easy to serve. Suitable for cats


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